CDRSB Model Resolution on Conflict Management and Electoral Reform:
This organisation / individual notes that the use of absentee ballots on demand is an unsatisfactory method of addressing the problem of falling voter turnout which threatens the right to a secret ballot and leads to increased levels of electoral fraud and intimidation.

Notes further that differences between radicalism and conservatism in regard to systemic change have been associated with a chronic tendency towards conspiracy between opposing factions leading to violent conflict.

Agrees to establish pilot projects on the following reforms to increase political participation, contain polarised conflict between factions, and facilitate systemic change: First, establishment of clear rights to jury trial and effective self defence such that free speech can be securely exercised independently of monopoly factional control. Second, development of sortition beyond jury selection in election and appointment of part time and full time professional politicians. Third, implementation of the principle that the 'earth belongs to the living' in regard to taxation policy and long term cycles of systemic change.

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