As has been demonstrated, the full significance of the second amendment is best understood on an historical scale. Accordingly its full and consistent defence has an international dimension: its enemies have evolved in the context of global political development, and have included conservatism, soft totalitarianism, and hard left radicalism. As has been shown, conflict between these movements became chronic due chiefly to the failure of European radicalism to properly study and adapt Jeffersonian theory to its own systemic purposes in the context of conservative adaptation to the development of modern democracy. Accordingly defence of the second amendment is best conducted upon the basis of a consistent understanding of the original philosophical perspective of the founders - natural law and common sense realism - together with as far as is practically possible the development of a conflict resolution strategy based on recognition of these problems of political development along with proposals to help improve relations between conservatism and radicalism.

Taking full account of the natural law tradition in social theory, it is clear that the right to bear arms is necessary to enable opponents of government to defend themselves against the conspiratorial use of violence for political purposes. It is self evident to common sense that this comprises a primary function of the second amendment. It may be possible to help resolve the ongoing conflict between radicalism and conservatism by way of reforms which better fulfill the long term aspirations of the radical founders: firstly by incorporation of Jefferson’s principle that the earth belongs to the living, and secondly by further development of the jury principle of organization based on the use of sortition.

In the context of ongoing diplomatic contacts concerning the Russian Federated State of Karelia, a first step to realizing these aims can be public opinion research to demonstrate and verify by empirical means the self evident truths of common sense in their relation to constitutional design. Thereafter pilot projects to test out and implement reforms at local, regional and departmental levels can be launched as preliminary steps to their implementation by state and federal authorities. I hope to develop the first stage of public opinion research in Arizona concerning these proposals and would be very pleased to receive comment from Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association members.

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